About Us

Welcome to Happie Tots!

My husband and I founded Happie Tots in 2019 after we had our first child. Both of us are big dreamers. We always wanted to start our own business. When Thea was born, we quickly realized how hard it is to find trendy, quality and affordable baby products on the market.

At Happie Tots, we believe that parenthood is a blessing, but sometimes it can also be a bit overwhelming. We are dedicated to meet the ever-changing demands of parenthood, and strive to bring new products with great value, quality and performance that meets the needs of mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and children.

Our mission is to simplify parenthood so you can spend more time with your little ones. We set high standards for every product we carry before offering them to our shoppers. We offer products that are as versatile and useful as they are beautiful. 

Every order with Happie Tots online store is prepared with care and love because we want to offer you the best shopping experience possible and make motherhood and fatherhood a very special experience. We hope that the products we've handpicked for our store will meet your needs as a parent who, like us, only want the best for our babies.

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